BINET-PAPILLON, a story born from the meeting of the house of Binet with the house of Papillon rouge.

           BINET: a family of perfumer-glove maker-wigmaker.
The Binet family served the kings of France. Benoit Binet was one of the few people who could enter the king's bedroom and approach Louis XIV, king of France.
Binet's perfumery was located at 127 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, not far from the current BINET-PAPILLON showroom, now located in the iconic Galerie Vivienne.

           PAPILLON ROUGE : independent perfume house, created about ten years ago, aiming to be respectful of nature with a research & development of perfumes using as few synthetic molecules as possible.
Born in Paris, Virginie Choné, architect-perfumer, founder of Papillon Rouge, was initiated every summer during her childhood to the magic of scents in her grandfather's aromatic garden in Lacoste in the South of France. Twenty years later, Virginie joined Guerlain as Marketing Director for France; she never left the world of perfumery.

BINET-PAPILLON: an ethic, an aesthetic, a traditional concept of French perfumery with an eco-responsible vision.
Binet Papillon uses the most noble and pure materials, expressed and revealed in a certified organic wheat alcohol. The elaboration and the assembly of our olfactory compositions are made in Grasse, the absolute reference in perfumery since the 17th century.
The iconography of the bottles is taken from the Paris of the 17th and 18th centuries. The olfactory compositions seek to reinterpret raw materials already used at that time with new accords aimed at enliven the soul...

BINET-PAPILLON, a single ambition: "May your heart open". All BINET-PAPILLON creations seek to obey Louis XIV's famous phrase, which is in itself a hymn to perfumery: "Do me the grace that your heart open".
BINET-PAPILLON fragrances are authentic and distinctive, providing a true olfactory signature to the wearer. In the words of its creator: "a perfume must scratch the soul, invigorate it, awaken it, reveal it, and even dress it in some cases".

BINET-PAPILLON welcomes you in its Parisian boudoir Galerie Vivienne, Paris 2nd arrondissement, at the entrance of the East wing, which leads to the Place des Victoire via the Place des Petits Pères and the improbable and nevertheless very Parisian Rue du Vide-Gousset, every afternoon from Tuesday to Saturday to make you discover these unique perfumes, this wonder of your senses... hoping "that your heart will open"...  

BINET-PAPILLON: a Collection of 18 original and uncompromising mixed fragrances, the secret of a signed and confidential perfumery that you will undoubtedly want to keep to yourself!