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What is the difference between eaux de parfum and perfume extracts?

An eau de parfum (EDP) is a perfume with a concentration of aromatic compounds between 15 and 20% as opposed to extracts of perfumes which are more concentrated (between 20 and 40%).

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What do top, middle and base notes mean? 

Top notes are the first ones you can smell when you spray a perfume; they are also the lightest and the most ephemeral.

Then come the Heart notes which constitute the backbone of an olfactory composition, those around which the composition was created.

Finally, the base notes are the support and sublimation notes of your perfume; they are also those which have the best persistence.


How long does our perfumes last?

Our fragrances are all composed and tested to have a hold on the skin of at least a day or more for some fragrances such as ALKEMIST PEPPER (and much more on hair and clothes).

Of course, longevity also depends on each person's skin, but you will not be disappointed by the resistance of our perfumes and extracts.

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How to know what is in my perfume?

According to the law, the composition of a perfume is protected as it is considered a trade secret: this is why the lists of ingredients are very short. This opacity has favored in the past the use of controversial, even harmful ingredients, in particular endocrine disruptors. Today, the IFRA and REACH standards tend to regulate the use of so-called "CMR" ingredients - Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reprotoxic - It is up to each brand to see if it just wants to respect the law or go further...

Everyone claims to be "natural" today.
At BINET-PAPILLON we assure you that our compositions are 97% natural and 84% organic, Vegan and not tested on animals.


Do you ship abroad and is the delivery free worldwide?

Yes, Binet-Papillon perfumes can be delivered to you abroad. If your destination is missing, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

Delivery is free in France. A contribution is required for shipping to Europe and the rest of the world ; the calculation is made when validating your basket before

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Why haven't I heard from my package and how long will it take to receive my order?

Delivery is free in Europe. A contribution is required for shipping to the rest of the world; the calculation is made when validating your basket before payment.

The delivery time depends on our partners (Colissimo, TNT, etc.) but except in special cases it takes 3 to 5 working days.

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Do I have to create an account and what to do if my perfume is not available?

You can buy our perfumes by creating an account or simply through a guest account.

If your perfume is unavailable on our website, I encourage you to send us an email to find out the reason for the breakage and to see how we can help you out.

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