Know-how and ethics

How to know what is in my perfume?

According to the law, the composition of a perfume is protected as it is considered a trade secret: this is why the lists of ingredients are very short. This opacity has favored in the past the use of controversial, even harmful ingredients, in particular endocrine disruptors. Today, the IFRA and REACH standards tend to regulate the use of so-called "CMR" ingredients - Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reprotoxic - It is up to each brand to see if it just wants to respect the law or go further...

Everyone claims to be "natural" today.
At BINET-PAPILLON we assure you that our compositions are made of over 90% natural, 84% organic and cruelty free ingredients.

Why not create 100% natural perfumes then?

Because to create the olfactory magic to give life to exceptional agreements, some harmless synthetic molecules are welcome, so why deprive yourself?
Moreover, many molecules, once obtained "naturally" from animals -such as Ambergris of the sperm whale, musk of the chevrotain or the Civet- have been reconstituted in synthetic for our greatest pleasure!
Finally, we must recognize that synthetic materials help to perfect the holding of a perfume, because what is more disappointing than a wonderful perfume that does not keep its promise to accompany us throughout the day? Indeed, Patchouli is a magnificent natural fixative, and we propose you a range of extracts of perfume which is entirely dedicated, but we couldn't put it in all our compositions ;-) ?

The love of beautiful materials associated with an iterative construction until excellence is the method chosen. The selection of good quality notes and the most natural raw materials possible are the rules of the game for these creations.