alkemist pepper | parfumerie de niche | Binet Papillon



" I found my soul
When I discovered Alkemist Pepper yesterday in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, I found my soul. "
Magali A. | France | 2018-04-21

" Simply sublime
This perfume enchanted me from the 1st inhalation. My nose can't get enough of it. It is present all day long and its hold is perfect. And yet I am faithful in perfume, but Alkemist has upset everything. It is an olfactory whirlwind. "
Christophe V. | France | 2017-11-24

" What is your latest discovery? Mine is ALKEMIST...
which is an aromatic woody fresh spicy fragrance that was launched in 2017. As it opens with Petitgrain, elemi and Pepper, it triggers my memories. The scent then gets slightly fresher with Violet and Labdanum as its heart then settles on an earthy green base of Vetiver and Styrax.This fragrance smells rather unique and creative and has a very good performance that's only suitable as a casual winter scent. "
elia_scents Ali | Perfumes Blogger 🇸🇦 2021-12-27


Nº 2 Ambre Demi-Deuil is what I could call a perfect amber perfume.

| N°2 | Perfume Curator

A gorgeous amber, musk and licorice scent that dries down to something nostalgic for me. The other notes besides amber, musk and licorice don't jump out at me individually, but they blend together into something very attractive.I highly recommend it if you love amber perfumes!

| N°3 | _paurfum_

With bergamot and mandarin at the top, the beginning is very citrusy and luminous. In the middle notes, the perfume becomes more aromatic with the green tones of cypress and lavender. The musk turns the fragrance together with white elderflowers into the most beautiful clean and refined scent I have ever smelled.



" My signature scent!!
I have spent most of my adult life seeking my signature scent, which I was once told was the height of elegance in a lady. Having tired many, many perfumes over the years, I have inevitably found that most smelled nice initially but became dull and lifeless after a few minutes. There have been many disappointments... until I found the Great Tiger (Le Grand Tigre) a few years ago. This is just the most beautiful scent, with depth and sophistication that draws compliments from men and women alike. I wear it day and night and adore the satisfaction that each spray brings. I never tire of it. Last year, when my stocks were running low, I made a covid-secure dash to Paris and bought several bottles (different sizes for home and travel) to keep me going. This year, I was unable to do this and have been utterly delighted that the charming Virginie has twarted Brexit to ensure safe delivery to the UK of my favourite perfume. I am indebted. I will be back in Paris as soon as possible for more. I truly love this perfume and couldn't recommend it more highly. "
Catherine M. | 2021-08-20

Cuir grand tigre | parfumerie de niche | Binet Papillon

A fragrance with all the elegance of the great classics, a unique perfume among many others.

| N°6 | _paurfum_

The leather with all the intensity of its scent is softened by the vanilla and the drying on the skin is warm, leaving in our wake a distinguished and attractive trace.
Elegant, special and different, a creation that moves away from trends without personality. This is how I would define this
great olfactory work.

Parfum de niche 100ml | Binet Papillon 7



"One of my favorites
Between green, fresh and powdery tones, this perfume is one of my favorites. With its spicy and citrusy opening it is a truly unique and precious olfactory work. A tender, freshly cut rose mingles with currant leaves and cardamom in the heart. In the base ginger brings all its nuances and together with myrrh the drydown is fresher and very exotic."
Pedro G.M. | 2022-11-17


| N°7 | Kelly✨Life of Fragrances✨

“May your heart open”
Binet-Papillon succeeded in opening mine with Rose Impolie. I can honestly say that this fragrance is unique to my collection and can’t be compared to any other fragrance. OCT22

Myrrh blood drop | | parfumerie de niche | Binet Papillon



" Sublime
This perfume deserves to be widely known and recognized. It is a joy to smell it on me and my wife but I would like to smell it more often in the street. Congratulations to the creator and long life to the magnificent house Binet-Papillon. "
Kays 2021-04-20


An enveloping, deep and spicy composition.

| N°8 | perfumenose

MYRRH is potent while OUD taken in a warm way.
It reminds sunset over the desert. Warm, dusty and endless. There is something liquid, hard to catch.
Just like smoky INCENSE, vibrating and calming at the same time. Fragrance is well-balanced.
PATCHOULI is the note, enhancing this thickness but not too earthy or dark.
Just in point. OCT22



" I have little words to describe how much I love your work...
I have little words to describe how much I love your work, these are such beautiful perfumes, real art and so great to wear.
I wish you a lot business luck and I am definitely looking to getting more of them. "
Olga B. | Hungary

Malt night fighter | parfumerie de niche | Binet Papillon

| N°10 | espaciolfativo

The scent conveys a feeling of serenity, it is intense, the smoke is very dense and is accentuated by the malt note. The aromatic and drier part of the tea arrives discreetly in combination with the violets, under the more intense notes. It is through the citrus fruits, in connection with the wet carnations, that the composition is impregnated with sensuality.

a brand that I loved for its original and unique creations, for its natural ingredients and for the craftsmanship that goes into every perfume of the house

| N°17 | _paurfum_

White flowers that intoxicate you with all their fragrance and attract your attention to become addictive and sexy by melting on your skin