Long lasting perfume

Selecting a perfume that will last is not always easy. You want to find a scent that works with your body chemistry, projects well, and is aesthetically pleasing, but the most important thing of all is the longevity of the fragrance. Whether you prefer a classic rose scent, or something more comforting like an amber perfume, there are certain elements that determine how long the scent will last. Perfumes are made up of top, heart, and base notes. The top notes are the first scents that you smell and disperse quickly, while the middle and base notes are more long-lasting. Typically, middle notes last longer than top notes, however, it’s the base notes that form the foundation of the fragrance. They come into force around 30 minutes after integrating with the middle notes, and typically last six to twelve hours. Aside from composition, there are other factors that can influence the lasting power of a scent.