How to choose your niche perfume?

The creation...
Our creation is totally free. Our mission is to work with the noble materials of 17th century French perfumery by modernizing them, developing new combinations, and ignoring conventions.
Our perfumes are true and authentic, by the quality of the chosen raw materials, by their singularity, and by their influence.  
Binet-Papillon has taken up the challenge of originality and quality. Our in-house perfumer Jean Sauvage has complete creative freedom to imagine unique fragrances, privileging the most beautiful raw materials of fine perfumery, formulated without any controversial ingredient, and testing their staying power until satisfaction. 
At Binet-Papillon, our fragrances do not ask you to choose between tradition and innovation, between desirability and 
The ingredients, the transparency...
Everyone claims to be "natural" today. How to read between the lines of brand claims, how to distinguish between ethics and "greenwashing"? 
Our perfumes respect the ISO 9235 standard, which imposes a minimum of 95% of ingredients of natural origin for a product to be called "natural". 
We use organic wheat alcohol, which is more respectful of the planet, and our perfume concentrates are made up of a maximum of natural ingredients, without prohibiting synthetic ingredients on the margin; a few 'clean' synthetic molecules are carefully selected to accompany our natural raw materials, and give life and hold to exceptional accords.
Finally, our perfumes are formulated without the addition of solvents, stabilizers, dyes or UV filters. 
What do you find in the 5% synthetic ingredients?
Only quality ingredients that respect the body and the environment. These ingredients can be synthesized from natural raw materials. For example, ambroxan is a synthetic molecule that is very close to ambergris - a historical ingredient of perfumery naturally coming from sperm whales and appreciated by perfumers for its scent. Synthetic amber or Ambroxan is synthesized from a molecule naturally found in sage, which is then transformed by humans.
Does a natural fragrance stay on the skin? 
There is nothing more frustrating than a fragrance that doesn't live up to its promise! We've tested and reformulated ours dozens of times to make sure they'll stay with you all day; try them!