Olfactive construction

The love of beautiful materials associated with an iterative construction until excellence is the method chosen. The selection of good quality notes and the most natural raw materials possible are the rules of the game for these creations.

BINET-PAPILLON perpetuates the traditions of French Haute Parfumerie, working with the noblest and most natural perfumery raw materials possible (over 90% natural / 84% organic), while innovating to offer you fragrances aimed at "scratching the soul" of perfumes' lovers, according to the creator's own terms. The aim is to modernize the iconic high perfumery raw material form the 17th and 18th century to propose singular addictive frangrances.

No material is too beautiful or too expensive to be included in the composition of BINET-PAPILLON "signature fragrances", only the magic and the enchanting evocations that these perfumes provoke, dictate the olfactory construction and the creative work.

As an architect-perfumer, the creator and founder of Binet-Papillon house develops in a fourhanded work complex perfumery creations. Each fragrance is created to provoke a specific emotion at the very heart of our identity. Created in Grasse, from the highest quality natural ingredients, Binet-Papillon has a collection of 12 uncompromising mixed Eaux de Parfum that you'll want to keep to yourself! In addition to this first collection, the founder also developed a collection with 6 Extraits de Parfum collection entirely dedicated to the raw material Patchouli.