BINET-PAPILLON perpetuates the traditions of French Haute Parfumerie, working with the noblest and most natural perfumery raw materials (more than 90% natural / 84% organic / cruelty free), while innovating to offer you long lasting fragrances aimed at "scratching the soul", according to the creator's own terms.

As an architect-perfumer, Virginie Choné, the founder of BINET-PAPILLON house develops in a fourhanded work complex perfumery creations for 15 years. The range of perfumes inspired by 18th century French traditions, such as Demi-Deuil, is dedicated to "perfume lovers" looking for a personal signature scent.


It was 10 years after its creation that the independent perfume house Papillon Rouge got closer to La Maison Binet and became BINET-PAPILLON. The Binet family was famous in the 18th century in the high perfumery with Sylvestre Binet, master perfumer in Paris, whose grandfather was none other than the wigmaker of the King of France Louis XIV. Louis XIV's famous phrase, "Do me the grace that your heart open", takes on its full meaning here and is taken up as the brand's line of thinking.

Sylvestre Binet's perfumery was located at 127 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, not far from the current BINET-PAPILLON showroom, now located in the magnificent Galerie Vivienne, at the entrance to the east wing, which leads to the Place des Victoires via the Place des Petits Pères and the improbable but very Parisian rue du Vide-Gousset. Virginie, a Parisian at heart and a lifelong lover of the city's plans of her town, chose a map of central Paris with a red dot at the location of the Galerie Vivienne as the setting for her perfumes.

It is in this Parisian boudoir that we welcome you in the afternoons from Tuesday to Saturday to make you discover these unique perfumes, this wonder of your senses hoping "that your heart will open" ...




Introduced to the magic of scents in her grandfather's aromatic garden in Lacoste in the South of France, and then twenty years later at GUERLAIN, which she joined as Marketing Director for France, Virginie is fascinated by the evolution of the role of perfume through the ages: a sacred and ritual object in ancient times, which became a symbol of seduction, an object of pomp and circumstance at the Royal Court of Versailles, and nowadays an object of global luxury.

According to her, perfume must create a pure emotion that reveals and enhances your intimate nature. It must be a whole, a subtle balance to conquer your soul.

Her signature scent: Alkemist Pepper
The fragrance she is most proud of: Rose impolie
The perfume she is wearing at the moment: Patchouli Roots



BINET-PAPILLON: a collection of 14 original and uncompromising mixed fragrances, pure emotion, the secret of a signed and confidential perfumery that you will probably want to keep for yourself!